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How to Choose the Best Suiting Jewelry for Men

Men do not wear jewelry as frequently as women do. Most of them want to use as few accessories as possible. It’s mostly not a case of men being opposed to jewelry or any other accessories, but they simply stand out best when they do not wear stunning jewelry like women. However, there are some advantages that guys can have when wearing jewelry. It may be beneficial to men’s health, and it may also serve as the best testosterone booster. Jewelry is also known for giving good spiritual and physical health.

Men are unlike women, who wear jewelry to keep up with the current fashion trends. However, they use it for comfort, to increase their confidence and to signal a message to someone.

Jewelry Guidelines for Men

Make it Classic

As we often hear from people, “Simplicity is best.” If you like watches, you can go for a simple leather-strapped watch or a classic silver or gold-strapped watch. Check the ideal color for your skin tone to ensure a good match for your accessory. Aside from the watch, you can wear a necklace or earrings, but keep them as minimal as possible.

Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell

Jewelry, like anything else, is more than just a fashion statement. Every piece of jewelry signifies something. Rings, for example, represent love, prosperity, family legacy, and a simple accessory. A bracelet, on the other hand, can represent sending a favorable message in a relationship. A watch can be a symbol of affluence and status. Whatever it may represent, its true meaning still depends on the individual who uses it. But still, remember to wear jewelry that serves its function.

Choose jewelry that complements your attire

One can never go wrong with gold. If a diamond is a woman’s best friend, gold is a man’s best buddy. Aside from the fact that gold’s value never depletes, it also has numerous health benefits, such as promoting blood circulation, providing excellent oxygen flow, and maintaining your body temperature.

Silver, on the other hand, is a timeless piece of men’s jewelry. It is impossible to go wrong with whatever outfit you wish to attain, especially if you want to look elegant. Also, pair gray and black with silver jewelry if you want a classic ensemble style.

Meanwhile, precious stones are not appropriate for everyone. Women, on the other hand, can flaunt it in whatever way they like. Men are incapable of doing so. This is more appropriate for men’s stud earrings. Aside from that, you should avoid using it because it will make you appear flashy and gaudy.

Finally, leather is primarily used by the younger generation. When senior men wear leather, they must pair it with earth-tone clothes. The breadth of the straps on your watches also has an impact on the clothing they go with.

Aside from these forms of jewelry, it is a common rule that matching jewelry to your dress is not usually important during weddings especially if you’re wearing heirloom jewelry.