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The Most Worthy Bag Trends to Try This Fall

A perfect reason to get a new bag is a new season. With the numerous bag trends each season, it is tempting to get one for yourself that will best serve the season. Using your beach tote bag is not the most ideal in fall. This is the season to check styles from Bottega Veneta and indie bag makers. Here are some bag trends that are ideal for the fall season.

1. Modern Lady Bag

If you are looking to achieve a more polished look, you can never go wrong with a modern lady bag. This bag has a style similar to the ones you see in a Marc Jacobs fashion show and there are various styles to choose from.

2. Shearling

A shearling bag is not only a good match for teddy coats but also makes you feel cozy thanks to their fuzzy and soft feel. Balmain, Dries Van Noten, and Dior has some of the best choices for this fall bag.

3. AirPod Cases

When you are too lazy to interact with people, popping your AirPods into your ears can save you. The fall collection of Givenchy has a lot of sophisticated Airpod cases that can give you a cool look in the season.

4. Oversized Bags

Do you need a lot of bag space for your extra masks and hand sanitizer and still want to look stylish? Then, an oversized bag is your best choice.