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Timeless Diamond Jewelry Pieces You Can Gift to Yourself

Getting yourself some jewelry pieces is indeed worth it. Whether you have achieved a great milestone in your life and you want to reward yourself or you just want to look stylish, a piece of timeless diamond jewelry is a great investment.

However, when shopping for a diamond jewelry piece, you want to ensure that it is genuine. Since each diamond piece is unique, the experience of choosing the right piece makes it extra special. Plus, you can easily pass it down to future generations to keep the family tradition.

If you are convinced that you need one, continue reading to know some of the diamond jewelry pieces to get for yourself.

1. Earrings by Adina Reyter

This pair is a 14k gold post with a single diamond drop and 2 marquise diamonds.

2. Ring by Nancy Newberg 

The ring has thin diamond stripes and is 18k yellow gold.

3. Ear Pin by KatKim 

The ear pin has diamonds and is yellow gold.

4. Bracelet by Retrouvai 

This triple coil cuff has round and glistening diamonds.

5. Ring by Maria Canale

This eternity diamond band is white gold. Get it for a classy look.

6. Bracelet by Michelle Fantaci

Their hinged bracelet has gold diamonds.