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Great Tips for Designing Your Own T-Shirt

There are a plethora of reasons why you would want to design your own t-shirt. There are many resources to do the same. It may be for expressing your personality, resale in your online shop, to boost company efficiency, or to send as a present.
Whatever your target is, creating your ideal t-shirt from the scratch does not really have to be a costly or time-consuming endeavor. You could turn your initial custom t-shirt experiment more accurate if you adopt these measures.
Define your Goal


Ways to Make Your All-Weather Boots More Fashionable

Waterproof boots are practical since they are tough. Not only are they durable but they are also fashionable. When you find the right all-weather boots, pair them with the appropriate clothing for a fashionable look. Here are some ways on how to style your outfit with all-weather boots.
1. Dress
Hiking boots have been used in fashion. Therefore, you can apply this with all-weather boots. When wearing a dress, you can pair your boots with fishnets to give you a 90s grunge look. Layering clothes and wearing plaid is the key to have a street-style look. What makes this style better is you can sport in any …


Spring Shoes That Are Worth Getting

Shoes can do a lot in your overall look. The shoes you choose can express a lot about your personality. The right shoes can also help tone down your look it is too extreme. Spring is the best time to add a subtle vibe to your look. Here are some of the shoe trends this season that you can check out.
1. Slides
Slides get a luxury update this spring. This is one of the pairs that will be your go-to shoes because of the many designs available. A simple pair of slides doesn’t need to be boring and plain. You can play with it by choosing bright ones. One example is a pair of denim espadrilles with rhinestones…


Shoes That Make Your Casual Clothes Look Professional

Working for a company that requires wearing semi-formal clothes or has a very conservative environment makes it hard to wear your weekend clothes to work. Nevertheless, the way you style can make all the difference. One of the ways you can make your weekend clothes more office-appropriate is by choosing the right pair of shoes.
You need to keep in mind that uncomfortable dressy shoes are not an option. Getting sore muscles and blisters and spending time complaining about how uncomfortable you feel are not worth your time. Therefore, if you have heels that kill your feet, now is the time to get rid of them.
Instead, consider …

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A Small Bag That Surprisingly Has a Lot of Space

Small or mini bags look cute, but they may look not functional. Because of their small size, you may carry a lot of things in them. Some may find it ridiculous because this is the main purpose of bags. However, this is not always the case as there are small bags that are surprisingly functional.
If you want to have a practical mini bag, you can check out the Lee Radziwill bag from Tony Burch. This is the petite version of it. It looks great because of its retro shape. The crossbody design gives you many options on how to carry it. You can either hold the top handle or put it over your body.
You probably own a lot of work bags…

Best Bags

A Must-Have Saks Bag Styles Every Woman Has

Unless you are a minimalist, you probably have or aspire to have many trendy bags in your wardrobe. Depending on where it will be used, women need to have a bag that provides the functionality, size, or shape they need. Here are some of the bag styles from Saks that you can add to your closet.
1. Medium Top Handle
A bag that is not too small or big and comes with a top handle and shoulder is ideal for many occasions because it is easy to carry. This type of bag from Loewe has been redesigned, so you will surely look chic with its bold design and bright color.
2. Small Shoulder Bag…

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Simple Tricks to Revamp Your Old Floral Dress

If you are like most people, you bought a floral dress in summer last year but you are not excited to wear it again this summer. Well, we all get this feeling once in a while. Fortunately, it is possible to accessorize and give your dress a completely new look.
When it comes to redesigning clothes, styling and accessorizing are crucial. Here are some of the accessories that will make your old floral dress look new.
1. Wear a Pair of Bright Shoes
To complete your look, consider wearing bright shoes that complement or even with the dress. The contrast of the bold shoes and the floral print of your …

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Under $100 Accessories That Are Great for the Transition from Spring to Fall

A change in season often means doing a close overhaul. Nevertheless, it is different with accessories because these can easily be adjusted according to the season. Therefore, you do not have to store your favorite spring accessories simply because fall is coming.
Here are some accessories below $100 that can help you achieve a seasonal transition.
1. Beautiful Stranger Cat-Eye Sunglasses by Le Specs 
Although sunglasses are often worn during summer, you can also wear them in the fall. These Le Specs sunglasses have a tortoiseshell which makes them worth it. The dark lens and cat-eye design will give…

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Holiday Accessories That You Should Get Your Hands-On

With the holidays approaching fast, you are probably thinking about getting presents for your family and friends. You need to treat yourself to something extra special as well. Here are some of the accessories that are perfect for the winter season.
1. A Pair of Statement Boots
A pair of statement boots such as the knee-high ones can elevate your look without much effort. For a classic chic look, you can wear these with a colored checkered skirt and cream sweater. This is great whether you plan to go shopping or have a drink with your friends.
2. A Bold Handbag
You can go …

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Helpful Tips on How to Choose the Right Accessories

The key to choosing the right accessories is balance. Even when you are wearing something basic, the right accessories can level up your look. Here are some tips on how to choose them.
1. Pick Your Signature Piece
If you do not have time to check all your accessories, you can choose your signature and go-to piece. This should be an accessory that makes you feel amazing and a piece that goes well with most of your clothes.
If you opt to add more accessories, pick a piece that will dominate the look you are going for. You should then choose other accessories based on the color or size of your main …

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