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A Small Bag That Surprisingly Has a Lot of Space

Small or mini bags look cute, but they may look not functional. Because of their small size, you may carry a lot of things in them. Some may find it ridiculous because this is the main purpose of bags. However, this is not always the case as there are small bags that are surprisingly functional.

If you want to have a practical mini bag, you can check out the Lee Radziwill bag from Tony Burch. This is the petite version of it. It looks great because of its retro shape. The crossbody design gives you many options on how to carry it. You can either hold the top handle or put it over your body.

You probably own a lot of work bags which is ideal for daily use. However, on the weekends, your choice of the bag might be different because of the things you need to bring. The bag’s strap has a dual-purpose since it is removable. This is perfect if you prefer 2-for-1 bag styles.

Although it has the same feel as a Kelly bag, it is not the same style. It is timeless and has a classy of its own. The consistency and streamline quality are worth noting. With its small size, it can surely meet your bag needs.