Spring Shoes That Are Worth Getting

Shoes can do a lot in your overall look. The shoes you choose can express a lot about your personality. The right shoes can also help tone down your look it is too extreme. Spring is the best time to add a subtle vibe to your look. Here are some of the shoe trends this season that you can check out.

1. Slides

Slides get a luxury update this spring. This is one of the pairs that will be your go-to shoes because of the many designs available. A simple pair of slides doesn’t need to be boring and plain. You can play with it by choosing bright ones. One example is a pair of denim espadrilles with rhinestones. It has a laidback and jazzy feel at the same time.

2. Sneakers

It is a known fact that sneakers are versatile. Wearing them in spring is no exception. It is stylish with a utility-inspired design. You can even go over the top if you want to go beyond the classic sneakers. For a fashionable but functional pair, you can opt for ones that have toe caps, oversized treads, and straps.

3. Neon

Neon is the hue in spring. Therefore, you can opt to accentuate your look with a pair of bright yellow sandals when you want more punch to your outfit.